Wow – Here It All Is, in a Frigging Nutshell!

Infuriating … so blood-boiling infuriating.  (This dude reminds me of my Uncle Malcolm – an entitled, condescending, alcoholic asshole whose dark secrets the family tried to keep hidden … and whose toxic presence we were subjected to … blessedly in only brief spurts … as kids.)

and heartening …

Thanks, Larry and WeatherDewd … you’ve started my day off with a little jolt of angry adrenalin followed by hope … and I needed both – but especially the adrenalin – after staying up listening to that Michigan State UVA game)!

Oh, and by the way … here’s last week’s (audio-challenged) WeatherDewd … while you wait for the next installment!


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2 Responses to Wow – Here It All Is, in a Frigging Nutshell!

  1. Alice says:

    I have hated that ad, too, and click it off as quickly as I can when it comes on. I didn’t know about the response ad–very heartening, yes, and appreciate knowing it–and the sensibility behind it– exists. And I await with bated breath this week’s forecast with Weather Dewd. She’s the best! i love it!


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