1953 MeI’m JordanCornblog and here I am a few years ago, looking for something to put on this page.  Looks like I think I’ve found something pretty exciting, doesn’t it?

But, as you can tell, I haven’t made a whole lot of progress since then … so your ideas are not only VERY welcome but also kinda desperately needed.

Can you help?

While you’re waiting for more info. about me … if you are interested in buying me a book or a CD, or even a nifty electronic gadget, go HERE!

If you are interested in reading the latest soccer news, go HERE!

I’ll add to this one day … promise.

2 Responses to About

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    What a pleasant surprise to hear from you! Do you do e-mail? My address is jordylc@gmail.com. Would love to be in touch. All’s well here (aside form the fact that it has rained every day pretty much since the end of May). I’ve enjoyed Fred’s music over the years … and think of you guys and times we shared. (Home movies, eh? That’s pretty amazing to think about.) Anyway – would love to continue via e-mail if that’s an option …
    Have a great week!


  2. E. Carr Cornog III says:

    Hello there ! Just cruising around the net in my usual neanderthal manner and guess who I ran into ! Have wanted to say Hi for a quite a while to you and your siblings, but couldn’t find a number, etc. I guess our families’ only contact for a while has been my father’s holiday cards to Holly and/or you guys. (Don’t believe everything you hear.) He’s in good health, however, continues to have a rather unusual perspective on a number of issues.

    Would like to keep in touch once in a while as I’m very fond of you guys and have many good memories (also home movies) of you and Chris and Holly “back in the day”, as well as later on (just memories later on — no movies).

    Hope everything is going well for you all and Rachel. Please say hello to Chris and Holly for me. I’m married now (today is our second anniversay). Her name is Regina (very sweet/nice but don’t get on her bad side). Wanted to invite you all to the wedding but for some reason my mother didn’t think you guys would come and dissuaded me from “bothering” all of you with invitations (why I don’t know, but she, as usual, meant well).

    Well, I’ll sign off for now. Hope to hear from you sometime ! I guess this is going to out to everyone in “comment” mode — but don’t know any other way to respond! My contact info is:

    1141 Corrinne Terrace
    Mountainside, NJ 07092
    908-232-3990 (HM)
    908-534-7900 (OFF)
    908-303-0688 (CELL)

    Take care ! Woody


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