Not a Bad Year to Be Born

So my life started
Making sense to me at the
Age of seventy.

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Back to the Oldest Days

How does something like
Terror feel when you don’t have
Any words for it?

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Stop Your Suffering — Fill in the Blank

You don’t need to [blank]
Because it makes no difference
In your life today.

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First Lady Slipper
Comes. Spring again. My heart is
Filled with gratitude.

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What Was Necessary Then, Isn’t Now

I don’t have to be
In denial to open
I can see clearly.

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Finally Leaving “Home”

So we walk away
Together. I hold your hand
And we look ahead.

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I’m challenging myself to finish the book I am currently reading (The Night Watchman – Louise Erdrich) and then keep up with my friend in her Cozy Burrow by reading the books short-listed for the Women’s prize.

Wish me luck as there’s a new puppy at our house. However the Cozy Burrow includes 3 young children, so I really don’t see that I have any excuses!

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Avoiding Old Ruts

You don’t have to hold
An opinion. Just observe
And work with your stuff.

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Now THAT Makes Sense

If my Inner Child
Hears me sound like my mother
How can she trust me?

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Letting Go, Really…

Criticism is
One way that I re-attach.
Compassion helps me.

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