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Cloud-Based Security App

Be a Bedouin.Carry your home on your back.Or best, in your heart.

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Walking Meditation

Walking in the woods some months ago I had the idea of posting signs along the way. My thought was to set up something like the Stations of the Cross, only woods and walking-related. And yes, it was probably around … Continue reading

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Feeling safe in theWorld without words is hard forSome of the babies.

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Might Be Long Covid?

It’s the inner worldThat calls to me, the outerSucks my energy.

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It’s Different Now

My healthy choicesHad angry fuel as a child.They don’t need that now.

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Found Some Old Letters and OMG It’s True

I have spent my lifeStriving to avoid havingTo cook for myself.

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Jeopardy — For the Jackpot

Festering pustuleOn the butt of the US:What is Donald Trump?

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Transubstantiation? Consubstantiation?

EpiscopaliansOffered a gluten-free choice.Wait — isn’t it flesh?

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Things I Say to Myself While Walking in the Buggy Woods*

Love the path you’re onIt’s everything that you haveWhen all’s said and done. * I say this to Caleb, too. He doesn’t understand English, but I think he already knows…

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A Slightly Hypochondriacal Boomer Prepares Mentally for Her Annual Physical

PossibilityOf immortality — it’sThere until it isn’t.

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