Upsetta with Meta

The news that Meta (aka Facebook and Instagram) are restoring the twice-impeached ex-reality-TV con-man’s accounts tipped me over into making a decision that I’ve been mulling for quite some time.

So yesterday evening I happily deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Having deleted my Twitter account several weeks ago, prompted by Musk being Musk, this also just felt right.

I wrote a brief message in my Facebook feed explaining my rationale, then realized that, of course, that would disappear as soon as I hit the delete button. That means I’ve just ‘disappeared.’ Not that most would notice, but I wanted to at least say something here, so Alice doesn’t wonder what happened! πŸ˜‰

It actually felt good to follow-through on my impulse to step away. And a happy additional perk will be all the time I recoup. Can’t get back what’s already spent, but going forward that’s a boon.

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6 Responses to Upsetta with Meta

  1. Alice Nye says:

    You said time to stop
    Then modeling follow through
    You stopped, voila!

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  2. Katie says:

    Yay!! I love being free if social media. Think of all the blog posts you’ll be able to make now!! 😜

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