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How it Goes

Step-by-step progress.No single step gets you there.Each one has its place.

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Growing Something Good

For much of my adult life I’ve worked, with varying degrees of success, at growing what some call a ‘Nurturing Parent’ as a substantial part of me. Lately, I’ve had some progress on that front. And all year I’ve greatly … Continue reading

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According to an Op-Ed in the NY Times

Americans shouldBe having more sex. So areYou doing your part?

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Little sparkles comeWhat may. Look to see them eachDay. They’re always there.

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Greetings in the Woods

In the twilight sunTree after tree leans down andSays hello to me.

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Acceptance makes hardThings smaller and lets life be-Come my own again.

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Doing It for Me

I always thought thatI needed to endure but Acceptance frees me.

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Cool Beans

Bracing myself asI walk home — an old habitI no longer need.

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Walking the Snowy Woods in February

We got what some might call a ‘pantload’ of snow in late January and it’s stuck around, which is awesome. Snow makes walking in the woods a different kind of adventure. When it arrives, you set out, snowshoes strapped on. … Continue reading

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You Can Go Home Again, Joyfully!

A small argument with Flannery O’Conner and Thomas Wolfe** Before I made myself Hulga and frowned all daylong, my name was Joy. ** In Good Country People Hulga, daughter or Mrs. Hopewell, had been named Joy at birth but, “as … Continue reading

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