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Taking Charge

…one small step at a time. Each moment I have an opportunity to be in charge of myself and make choices that each have a part in steering how my day goes. I know I’m not in charge of what … Continue reading

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3 Haiku’s

I’ve set a weekly goal, to reread what I’ve written each week and then concoct a blog post based on that material. But this week, as for so many weeks before, what I was writing about was the angst and … Continue reading

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What a Week It Has Been

I feel like a great weight has been lifted. Today just felt palpably different from yesterday. I have relished the simple relief of a Sunday without the worry of what Trump might do. Of course, that worry is still there … Continue reading

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Here We Are…

Since July I’ve had a writing practice that involves simply writing — about anything at all — for 5-minutes a day. The aim is to just write for 5-minutes, no more and no less. I’ve missed a few days here … Continue reading

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I Just Can’t…

I remember when Trump ‘won’ the GOP nomination and how crazy that felt. Then I remember when he ‘won’ the election and how scary and disorienting and crazy THAT felt. I remember watching his inauguration at work and how surreal … Continue reading

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Nothing New Under the Sun

It’s a thought I sometimes find comforting, as with the phases of the moon rolling through each month or the return of spring each year. But more often it’s disquieting, as in the apparent fact that humankind is stubbornly incapable … Continue reading

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Fox and Friends

In these days of mask-wearing and social-distancing, I marvel at how the natural world continues on its steady, abiding, sustaining course. Buds burst, bulbs push up through the earth. The sun warms; the rains come; the night wind blows, mysterious … Continue reading

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It’s generally not good to act on impulse, but in this case, I think it was a good choice I made, impulsive or not. Having spent way too much time this past week bot-hunting and/or getting into useless ‘dialogue’ with … Continue reading

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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee or Stop and Smell the Roses — Just Smell SOMETHING, Okay?

Whatever your routine is these days, you may want to check to make sure you are still smelling things. That’s what I’m taking from an interesting article by Roni Caryn Rabin in the NY Times that I read today. Published … Continue reading

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A Timely Question From Aretha Today

That’s it, just this…listen up!

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