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So, morning it is, and a grey one at that. It’s very grounding, for me, to begin my morning (when I have the time) with 15-minutes of pen-on-paper. The soothing scratch brings me to myself, as I settle into the … Continue reading

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As I did some free writing this morning, decrying the destructiveness of Trump and those who enable him, I ended in an odd place. My words carried me, unwillingly, I might add, to the shores of Kindness. I should probably … Continue reading

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A Very Scary Walk

Yesterday evening I took a very scary walk in our woods with Caleb. It started off innocently enough, as we headed up the field and into the woods. I lost track of Caleb early on but wasn’t too concerned. He … Continue reading

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Easter Poop and Trump Fantasies

First the poop… Kudos to BJ for spotting this and snapping the photo. We decided it must be coyote poop. Click the image for a closer look. Maybe you can help us figure out what rodents contributed to the festive, … Continue reading

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Signs and Portents 2.0

So, I was hoping that the Mueller Report would be released on Friday, sometime between Noon and 3PM — the traditionally recognized hours of the crucifixion. But releasing it on the day of the Last Supper works as well. After … Continue reading

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A Quick Retraction

Referring back to yesterday’s post, 10-minutes a day isn’t realistic (especially since I have a hankering, going forward, to ‘Retweet Pete’ as much as possible). So, let’s just say I’m going to watch my Facebook and Twitter time, aim to … Continue reading

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More Poop in the Woods

So a bit over a week ago we had a bear give a nocturnal display of his or her strength using our bird feeder. (Weather Dewd heard the commotion but apparently was engrossed in something else at the time so … Continue reading

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So, I was Going to Get to Bed Early…

I watched an excellent Q&A with Pete Buttigieg at Northeastern (video below) and was feeling a glimmer of hopefulness about life in these United States. Then I made the mistake of checking my Twitter feed and saw the despicable post … Continue reading

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Invaded and Invisible

So I wrote this title a few days ago and now I can’t remember why. But what it’s leading me to think about today is power, people’s relative visibility, and the whole Joe Biden thing. About Joe, I hate it … Continue reading

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Why is the GOP So Corrupt and Mean-Spirited?

I’m not even talking about Donald Trump, who is certifiable. It’s important to keep an eye on him – the way you keep an eye on a toddler to make sure he doesn’t burn the house down. But it’s not … Continue reading

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