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Another Goddamn Haiku

You don’t need to judge Or be in danger to have Boundaries. It’s OK.

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Note to Self

You don’t have to make Every thought you have into A goddamn Haiku!

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Philly Sound — The Real Thing

Betcha by golly wow, me and Mrs. Jones got a thing going on. (Ain’t Nothin’ Like the Real Thing, Baby)

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Radio Love

I see I’ve always Sought a love that can’t exist. Old life’s old learning.

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Childish Competition

I reach for something I neither need nor really Want. Ancient reflex.

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Letting Grief Do Its Work

I am not shiny But I hold my heart open And learn I’m enough.

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Lightening the Load

My path in twenty Twenty three comes lined with the Baggage I’ll let go.

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One Step Forward…

Some days are harder than others but my strength and intention are clear.

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Embrace the New

With change there comes loss. I remind myself, too, that Each moment deepens.

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Intention and Strength… My Angel Cards for this year. Direction is clear. PS And no, this is not really about football, but I’m not on my usual computer and this was the best I could do. (And it isn’t THAT … Continue reading

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