An Old Year

It’s @ 4PM on New Year’s Eve afternoon.  We’ve been digging out after @ a foot of lovely soft snow here in NH.  The old year goes out awash in new snow, with more expected for tomorrow.  I’ve no particularly heavy thoughts this New Year’s Eve.  Maybe that’ll come later, by the chiminea, as the evening winds down.   

I know I feel very lucky to be alive and very appreciative of my friends and family, my work, my health.  I am looking forward to living ever more skillfully in the coming year. 

I don’t know what that will mean, except that I want to stretch my capacities and live more mindfully, appreciating the moments that come my way and learning to manage the parts of me that can get in the way.  I’m thinking of those feelings of victimization and self-criticism … the “poor me’s” and “bad me’s” … that only narrow and hobble and sour and constrict the ME that I bring to each moment and each situation of my life.

Here’s to developing the quiet capacity to live 2008 to its fullest, with ALL OF ME, whatever the year may bring!

 PS  I just watched an amazing piece about our culture of cumsumption which is definitely worth a look.  It’s called “The Story of Stuff and, while it takes twenty minutes to watch, it’s time very well spent.  It has certainly given me a lot to mull and chew on as I step into 2008. And here’s another, related piece, from the NY Times.  Good reading!

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