Easter Madness

There’s March Madness, and then there’s the REAL madness of Dick Cheney singing Amazing Grace in Israel while plodding along, building his case for attacking Iran.  Meanwhile, on a happier note, it sounds like Obama’s speech this past week may inform some sermons today … and hopefully eventually help raise our racial dialogue and political discourse to a slightly more sophisticated level than that promulgated by our current, morally and intellectually bankrupt, administration. 

But I digress … so here’s the scoop on the March Madness.  First, Morgan was right in his comments yesterday … that Michigan State-Pittsburgh game was a hard, hard fought contest.  I was hoping that Pitt would pull it out, but kudos to Michigan State in pulling out a close one (the 11-point margin of victory doesn’t reflect the neck-and-neck play by any means).  Patti’s got a lot riding on this MSU team, and they did well by her last night!  Meanwhile, Duke exited early again this year … after nearly exiting even BEFORE last night at the hands of Belmont!  Stanford prevailed over Marquette in an overtime thriller, and UCLA got a big scare from Texas A&M.

The women got underway yesterday, with games in all four regions.  In a bit of an upset, Jen Rizzotti’s Hartford team defeated Syracuse on a clutch 3-pointer by MaryLynne Schaefer.  In a bigger upset, Florida State sent Ohio State home early.  Florida State was a surprise at-large pick, so this win, aside from making Florida State fans happy, makes the selection committee look good! 

Today there’s lots more action on the women’s side, as all of the top seeds play in the next 16 games.  Meanwhile, the Men have eight games, to round out their Sweet Sixteen.

In JordanCornblogLand, here are the ever-shifting standings.  Ladies first, then the men’s tally!  Lots of changes, as the beat goes on![TABLE=16]  [TABLE=14]
Kudos to Jane and Chris … and Morgan/Murray are doing pretty well on the women’s side, too!  Finally … Gary assures me that he is away but will send in his women’s bracket ASAP … and is NOT checking scores in the meantime.  (If he picked Florida State, we may have a few additional questions for him!)

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