Monday's Madness Musings

The men are at theSweet Sixteen stage, meaning we can take a small breather (’til Thursday) and focus on the women’s games, as they work their way down to sixteen.  After tomorrow, our friend Alice will be checking her brackets from Paris.  She promises to be in touch with JordanCornblog from the internet cafes that we are quite sure she will be frequenting! 

Chris is at the head of the class at this stage, for the men …[TABLE=17]… while Doris has, I believe, been the most consistent in our pool on the Men’s side!  πŸ™‚

Over amongst the women, Utah and Purdue had a neck and neck tussle in the early going, but 9th seeded Purdue pulled it out in the end.  Aside from Purdue, Hartford, and Florida State, the women’s winners have stayed true to their seedings so far.  The Temple Owls had their upset hopes dashed by Arizona State in a game that was a lot closer than the final score implies.  Moving into round two, here are our standings in the Women’s pool …[TABLE=18]Jane and Morgan/Murray head the roster on the women’s side, followed closely by Paula, Brigitte, Carol and Don … but a LOT can change by Wednesday morning!

Safe travels, Alice … and write us from Paris!

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