Old Rocky Top Stop … and a Prediction!

Rick Pitino’s Louisville Cardinels ousted the #2 seed (Tennessee) last night and now head to the Eastern Regional.  They advance to play #1 seed UNC tomorrow.  They have also, unfortunately, eliminated BJ’s pick to win it all (oops)!  UNC rolled on with an easy win over Washington State … and a sweet 16 points from Tyler Hansbrough in the second half!

Over in the West the games were quite a bit closer.  Kevin Love scored a career high 29 points in helping UCLA beat a feisty Western Kentucky squad.  The Bruins hung on to win by 10, after nearly squandering a 21-point halftime lead!  (UCLA seems bent on making it look difficult this year.)  Finally, in the OT game last night, Xavier made it through on B.J. Raymond’s late three’s after being down by 6 in overtime.  West Virginia goes home after a great run (including their upset over #2 Duke), while the Musketeers move on for a chance at their first-ever final four berth!

JordanCornblog boldly (some might say rashly) predicts that tonight Villanova will become the first #12 seed in NCAA Tournament history (at least on the men’s side) to topple a #1.  Mark my words … πŸ˜‰

Finally – the standings have shifted just a bit amongst our JordanCornblog crew.  Chris remains on top of the pack, but Dewd has made a huge leap (both of them got all four teams right in last night’s games).  Meanwhile, Morgan seems to be gaining ground, having caught up with Cynthia … and now nipping at Murray’s heels.  Tyler, you need another San Diego!  Meanwhile, BJ joins Don, Doris, and Patti as one of the sad souls who’ve lost their National Champion pick (and a potential 32 points).  Too bad, guys!  ;)[TABLE=21]

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