No Surprises, But …

As I settle down to write, I am just now interrupted by the sight of three deer running FAST down our hill, along the edge or the field.  I wondered why they were moving like that … and my question was quickly answered when a very, very big coydog went racing down the hill after them.  The coydog was far enough behind that no damage was done … but I am glad that our dogs are inside and oblivious to the drama out there.  Let’s move indoors, where hoops news is a little more predictable this morning than life out in the wilds of Canterbury!

The seedings held true yesterday, although Louisville gave UNC a good scare on the men’s and the women’s sides … (And if you find yourself with time on your hands between games today, here’s a nice article about Tyler and Ben Hansbrough, two b-ball phenoms out of Poplar Bluff, Mo!  You’re sure to be seeing more of Tyler, as UNC moves on to take on either Kansas or Davidson in the Final Four on April 5th.)  Meanwhile, LaToya Pringle led the UNC women back from the brink; her 27 points helping them overcome an 18-point deficit.  The Louisville women must be kicking themselves for letting that game get away.  They got into serious foul trouble and ended up losing by 4 points. 

In other action, the Musketeers went cold and the UCLA men looked stronger as they rolled past Xavier (with Kevin Love continuing to dominate and Darren Collison returning to form after an uncharacteristic game against Western Kentucky).  The Maryland women moved on with a handy win over Vandy, while Stanford knocked off Pitt (after Pitt nearly knocked off Candice Wiggins) and LSU rolled past Oklahoma State led by a fiery Erica White!  This sets up an LSU-UNC showdown in New Orleans, and a Maryland-Stanford match-up in Spokane.  I like the chances of the #2’s in both of these Monday games (although judging from my track record, you may want to just ignore that)!

In JordanCornblog Bracket Land, we’ve seen some interesting changes.  While the leaders remain the same in both brackets (Chris and Jane for the Men and Women respectively),  Morgan/Murray are now TIED with Jane for the lead … and Don and Rachel have made a run and are nipping at the leaders on the women’s side … with Chris, Jeff, Brigitte and Mike not far behind!  On the men’s side Dewd remains a close second.  Leading the rest of the pack is the entire Howe-Dewdney family, led by Cynthia and Morgan, and followed by Murray, and then Tyler. 

Patti and Doris continue to do their part … keeping anyone from falling out of the bottom of either bracket!  πŸ˜‰

Here are the actual standings as of today.  Expect lots more shifting as the Sunday games tick by! [TABLE=24]

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2 Responses to No Surprises, But …

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Those “Saint Teams” just didn’t come through for you this year! Next year, who knows? Your role is definitely useful, though … you may even be holding the whole thing together!! πŸ˜‰


  2. dsabler says:

    I’m totally lost, but glad I do have some useful, if not menial role in the whole Jordan Bracket Land saga.


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