Back to the game …

As Jules says, “It’s anybody’s game.” Chris has convinced us all (after much hard work) that those are oranges painted (or stencilled, or something) on the court! Alice is getting tired … and we’re off!

Well … 13:26 left and it’s a 2-point game. They are grinding it out … 27-29. Candace Parker was just fouled and looked to be in pain – her right shoulder this time. Apparently the right shoulder has been a problem, too. PT is definitely in order.

Yahoo! Bobbitt just hit a 3! But then Candace threw it away. We are currently debating how either of these teams would do aHornbucklegainst Stanford. Hard to imagine how two games could be more different!

Alexis … you’ve gotta step it up! Okay … Nicky Anosike takes the shot and scores … but then picks up her 4th foul at the other end.

And it’s a two-point game at 2-minutes! Fowles looks to be in pain … cramps maybe? Time out. This is it! Alberta Auguste gets a bucket but misses the free throw … then LSU scores. It’s a one-point game with 39 seconds left. Tennessee doesn’t get the shot off, and Hornbuckle fouls. Erica White ties the score with her first free throw …and now we’re in a time out! White sinks her second freebie, and now LSU is up by one … and Tennessee has the ball with 7.1 seconds … and … we’ve got an LSU time out.

Oh my god Parker took the ball the length of the court and dished it to Anosike … who missed the bunny shot … and then Hornbuckle put it back for two … just as I was saying, “Hornbuckle didn’t come through …” Eat my words I most certainly will!

And Tennessee wins it … 47-46. (It’s the first time since 1982 that Tennessee didn’t score at least 50 points in a game.) Kudos to LSU on a hard-fought game … and another tough loss in the Final Four.

We talked to Dewd after the game and she said that on their way out of the arena she and Paula LR were walking within @ 3 feet of C. Vivian Stringer … practically sharing an umbrella. Nice!

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