JordanCornblog's Syndicated Reporters Are All Over It in Tampa

We’ll be having eye-witness, on the spot reports from Tampa for all of the Women’s games, as up-to-the- minute coverage is being provided by none other than BJ, Dewd and Paula LR.

Their reporting may be slightly colored by their biases which I’ll lay out here, in the interest of full disclosure:

  • BJ is rooting for LSU but is also a longtime Tennessee aficionado.
  • Dewd is UConn all the way. Always has been.  Always will be.
  • Paula was rooting for Maryland and is now (judging from her recent comments on JordanCornblog) trying to arrive at a personal preference while at the same time keeping peace with Dewd. (They just called in and are on a veranda 3 1/2 miles from the venue, debating this very question I am sure!)

BTW, it’s not like anyone is rooting against Stanford! Maybe Paula LR will pick them up as a replacement for Maryland. I suspect they’re a secret, second favorite for all three of our reporters. Well, maybe not Dewd …

So there you have it, at @ 4 1/2 hours to game time!

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