Missing Smarty

Smarty JonesI don’t know about you, but in all the Big Brown hoopla, I often found myself missing Smarty Jones and wondering what had become of him. The Philly Phenom hit the world stage after winning the Kentucky Derby in 2004 … and went on to capture the hearts of many (myself very much included). He lives at Three Chimneys Farm now … a cushy gig for a horse with a hard luck start.

Linda Hanna has written what looks to be a very interesting book titled Barbaro, Smarty Jones, and Ruffian: The People’s Horses, focusing on (as you might guess) Barbaro, Smarty Jones, and Ruffian! It sounds like it takes these great horses as a starting point, and goes on to explicate and examine racing … and salient issues raised by these thoroughbreds’ lives.

If I were going to read a book about racing (which I’m not saying I am, mind you) … this would be the one. In the meantime, here’s the website, as well as the Amazon info.)

I will restrain myself for the moment … but Bookeaters, watch out!

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