Pia Dreams, USWNT News, and a HollyCornblog Update, Too!

Just to keep you up to date … the Red Sox lost and the Phillies won … and there’s nothing from Beulah yet. Rest assured that I’ll post as soon as I see anything!

Last night I dreamed that I had a quick breakfast with Pia Sundhage and April Heinrichs. (April joined us midway through our meal … and it got a little awkward at that point, as I recall.) Anyway, as you may have guessed, Pia was a very pleasant breakfast companion. I advised her against having the team do so many suicides. She was very open to my ideas and decided, on the spot, to cut that drill out of the team’s training regimen. (At that point I pretty much panicked, as I wasn’t expecting her to actually listen!)

I guess if fitness is an issue for the USWNT in Beijing, we’ll now know who to blame!

There’s LOTS of USWNT news on the WNT Blog, including:

Boxxy and Rampone at the Great Wall

  • The TV schedule for the USWNT vs. Norway Olympic opener on 8/6/08. It’s on MSNBC and Universal HD at 7:30 AM ET. Kick-off is at 7:45 AM ET. (Tough schedule for left-coasters!)
  • Lots more about settling in for the duration in China!

The Philadelphia Inquirer has a nice piece about Carli Lloyd stepping up as a player and a leader on the team. Pia will be relying on the Delran, NJ native more than ever for her leadership and game-skills, now that Abby Wambach is out of the picture. (And MLD, the value of that shirt just grows and grows!)

The Pile!

Finally, HollyCornblog has been wicked busy! She and CharlieHopbrew rented a wood splitter yesterday and did yeoman’s work on a huge pile of felled wood.

Check it out … all split and ready for stacking!

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