Beyond the Palin

I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs this morning and in The Field Negro I came upon this … a “rumor” that I suspect is very true … and is certainly in keeping with the persona that Ms. Palin so happily projects.


Yes, that is what she is purported to have said.  This, while sitting in a little greasy spoon with a few of her cronies, discussing the results of the Democratic primaries.  Sarah kicking back, chewing the fat with some folks she felt comfortable with.  Sarah being Sarah.

Everyone laughed … except the waitress, Lucille.  (Come on, press – let’s find out who else was at that table and ask a few questions.  Ferret out the truth about this “rumor” for us, okay)

Absolutely chilling.

Pit BullHockey moms and pit bulls should all be scrambling to distance themselves from this individual whom John McCain would have voters choose to be second in command.

Mudflats – a political blog out of Alaska – offers more background information about Palin from those who know her best.  (I’ll add this to my blogroll – at least until Palin is no longer of concern …)

Even an avowed conservative, Margaret Thatcher fan from “over there” is absolutely not sailin’ with palin!  Check out this opinion piece by Minette Marrin that is making the e-mail rounds:

All the same, her selection was a shock. What horrified me was not so much the woman herself, though she is clearly entirely unfit to be vice-president or president. It was McCain’s cynical and sudden choice of her. Would you give power of attorney over your entire life to someone you had only met once, or possibly twice? Of course not. You would give the matter and the person very serious consideration. Yet McCain in effect is offering power of attorney over all the affairs of the United States and over all Americans, including me, to a woman he had barely met. I myself wouldn’t hire a house-sitter on such scant acquaintance.

Palin herself may not know what a vice-president is for, but McCain surely must. He must know that a vice-president needs to be someone the president can trust and rely on and work with. Such a person is not easy to find, even when highly qualified in other ways. It takes time. It’s a personal matter, a question of psychological fit and mutual understanding.

Obviously McCain’s public relations people have been scouring the country for libertarian babes. But politics is not painting by numbers. McCain doesn’t know Palin at all, nor it seems did his vetting people; revelations keep emerging about her all the time. But he showed himself willing to hand the free world over to a stranger because his people think she is a psephological paragon.

So thanks, John – for choosing someone that Minette – or any other sane person – wouldn’t choose as a housesitter based on the scant knowledge you possessed.  (And tell us again just how you are different from Dubya?)

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