Eagle-Soaring Sunday

Today’s the day that the Philadelphia Eagles take their next step toward their first Superbowl win!

How’s them apples?  Cocky, eh?  Well, as I see it the Eagles are poised to join the Phillies with a championship … and Philly is poised to join Boston as a recent multi-championship town.  Won’t that be something, the Biddles and Cadwaladers celebrating with the Westbrooks, the Buckhalters, and the McNabbs on Broad Street … and Philly taking another step toward overcoming it’s inferiority complex relative to Boston.  Oh yeah.

That’s just how I’m feeling this morning. Positivity!

But I’ll lay off the football for now … maybe do some live blogging later today.  Moving on, I wanted to share today’s offering on the The Writers Almanac – a poem that took my breath away this chilly morning.

Sunday Morning

by Tom Sexton

Come down and do your crossword. I worry
when you stay in bed. Last night’s early frost
killed the sweet peas but not our patch of berries.
Seven across just might be Limberlost.
The morning paper says a man with Alzheimer’s
has wandered off to find his long dead wife.
He told an aide he knows just where to find her.
All he has with him is a butter knife.
Hurry down. I want to see you grimace
when you might be stumped. Five down is breath.
The day is quickly turning cold and grim.
Do you remember a Mary Elizabeth?
The raspberries in your white bowl
are bright and firm and very, very cold.

Yesterday was, I am pretty sure, George Popkin’s birthday.  He would have been well into his eighties.  This poem felt like a glimpse of what might have been (and what would have been to come), were George and Sally alive this cold, January Sunday morning.  I remember them with much love as I write this.

I received an e-mail this morning about what looks like a wonderful information retrieval, publishing and cataloguing service called Issuu. (I just lost a good 30 minutes exploring it!)

In world news, I see that Israel has sent ground troops into Gaza … a move that leaves me angry and frustrated and absolutely not getting it.  The US has blocked a UN Security Council call for a cease fire.  Here is a good analysis of the situation from The Washington Post.  Clearly, both sides have things to gain (and to lose) by pursuing the courses they are on.  One can only hope that with a new administration coming soon to the US, there can be some new ideas and some positive shifts in this seemingly intractable situation.

Turning to the NY Times, Frank Rich has written an Op Ed piece on the failed Bush Presidency – an excellent summation of a dark, dangerous, and singularly uninspiring time.  The debased legacy of the Bush years is depressing – no, disgusting to read about.  Rich does a nice job of describing the despicable 43rd president in all his shallowness and self-regard.  I do hope that history pummels the guy – and that he soon gets a glimmer of the terrible destruction that he has wrought … and lives out his days unable to ride his bike anymore, suffering guilt-ridden insomnia, nightmares, ongoing  and relentless contact with reality, and bad digestion.  Yeah, that’s what I hope for the destructive cipher that was our president for 8 years.

But turning to something more positive, as I close this out, let’s focus on that Eagles win.  Okay guys?  Thanks!

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2 Responses to Eagle-Soaring Sunday

  1. … just agreein’!


  2. Paula Rockwell says:

    I’m so happy MVP Payton Manning lost, 1 brother down, 1 to go!!
    Just sayin’


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