WPS Draft Day

But first, a poem – because any collection of words that includes the phrase “the high arc of midsummer” deserves to be repeated today.  (As pretty much always, this is from The Writers Almanac):

First Cutting

by Susie Patlove

(from Quickening)

What is the hayfield in late afternoon
that it can fly in the face of time,

and light can be centuries old, and even
the rusted black truck I am driving

can seem to be an implement born
of some ancient harvest,

and the rhythmic baler, which spits out
massive bricks tied up in twine,

can seem part of a time before now
because light glitters on the hay dust,

because the sun is sinking and we sweat
under the high arc of mid-summer,

because our bodies cast such long shadows—
Rebecca, with the baby strapped to her back,

the men who throw impossible weight
to the top of the truck, the black and white

dog that races after mice or moles
whose lives have been suddenly exposed.

How does the taste of my sweat take me
down through the gate of childhood,

spinning backwards to land in a field
painted by Bruegel, where the taste of salt

is the same, and the same heat
rises in waves off a newly flattened field.

In the duskiness of slanted light, we laugh
just as we laughed then, because there is

joy in what the earth gives, allowing
our bodies to mingle with it, our voices

small on the field, our work assuring the goats
can give milk, the sheep can grow wool,

and we will have in our bones the taste
of something so old it travels in light.

And I can get a slightly similar feeling, from the light slanting across a soccer field on a late September afternoon.  Cheering from the sidelines, and legs churning, and the light sinking as the game clock ticks down.

So that was the segue into the WPS Draft … where yesterday, as anticipated, the Boston Breakers chose Amy Rodriguez with the #1 pick. Rounding out the first round it went like this: Chicago: Megan Rapinoe; Bay Area: Christina DiMartino; NY/NJ: Yael Averbuch; Los Angeles: Brittany Bock; Saint Louis: Kerri Hanks; and Washington: Allie Long.

The Breakers’ picks on the day were:
Name, Position, Previous Team
Amy Rodriguez, F, Univ. of Southern California
Kasey Moore, D, Univ. of Texas
Jenny Nobis, F, Umeå Södra (Sweden) (College: Missouri)
Kelly Schmedes, F, Charlotte Eagles (College: Texas)
Ariel Harris, D, North Carolina
Lindsay Vera, F, NC State
Ashley Nick, M, Southern California
Allison Martino, M, Boston Renegades (College: Texas A&M)
Stacy Bishop, M, Tampa Bay Hellenic (College: Florida)
Jaimel Johnson, GK, Tennessee

Welcome, new Breakers … we’re looking forward to seeing you on the pitch!

Tony’s comments on the draft?  Sounds like it went very well …

On whether there were any pleasant surprises during the draft: “There were a lot of picks I was pleasantly surprised about.  I was amazed that Kasey Moore was still available for us. Same with Ashley Nick.  I was delighted to be able get Kelly Schmedes and Jennifer Nobis.  All our picks I was pleased they were still available for us.  There were still other players on my list that I would have liked to have drafted.  My toughest choices were not that I had nobody to pick. My toughest choice was that I had four, five or six people that I wanted to pick and I’m running out of slots.  That is a good position to be in.”

Fnally, some video … first a nice look back while getting pumped for April!


And then how abou the NEW BIG THREE?


Here are the BIG THREE answering some trivia questions … FWIW …


Oops, nearly forgot … GO EAGLES!

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2 Responses to WPS Draft Day

  1. Glad you liked it … and I’m assuming it altered the arc in a good way … 😉

    PS The car started (with help from some jumper cables). That definitely altered the arc of MY day! (And isn’t the electrical current called an arc?) Oh my … so many convergences. Must mean the Eagles are going to win, don’t you think?


  2. Chris Cornblog says:

    … a beautiful poem, that altered “the arc of my day…”


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