USWNT vs. Denmark and Other Wednesday Morning News

Check out MatchTracker starting at 7AM ET to follow the USWNT’s opening game of the Algarve Cup.  They start off against Denmark, in a match-up that could prove one of their more difficult of the tournament.

“It’s not a World Cup year or an Olympic year, so we can try different things and one thing we want to do is to get numbers around the ball carrier,” United States coach Pia Sundhage said. “We have some technical players here at the Algarve Cup and I think we will spend time attacking and focusing on getting players in front of and behind the opponents’ back line.”

Lori Chalupny will be taking the field for the first time in her new role as co-captain.  Congratulations Chalupa!  You’d have been my pick, too!  Seriously.

Meanwhile the Canadian Women’s National Team (I guess that makes them the CWNT) is off to compete in the Cyprus Cup.  It’s their first tournament under new head coach Carolina Morace … and check out all the WPS players on the roster!  Speaking of WPS players, Kelly Smith and Alex Scott (soon-to-be-joining the Breakers) are in Cyprus playing for England in the Cup.  Hopefully they will have time to bond with Candace Chapman before they all join their mates in Boston!

Marta is going to be on Ellen today (here’s the link to stuff about the show) … while Kobe Bryant will be introducing the Sol at an event tomorrow.

While we’re talking WPS, here’s Beulah’s commentary on the original player allocations … don’t know how I missed it all those long months ago.  But there you are.

Here’s some video of the Red Stars’ first day of preseason work on Sunday … worth a look.  And even better … the Breakers’ first day!


And an interview with head coach Tony DiCicco and defender Nancy Augustyniak Goffi after the team’s first practice on March 1, 2009.


Meanwhile – here’s a link to that Jon Stewart Takes on Twitter bit that was taken off of YouTube yesterday.  The piece is priceless – and Samantha Bee is her usual amazing self!

In the Class M Girls’ B-ball Tournament, I see that it’s Gilford vs. Campbell in the final (Dang!).  The scores were …

No. 2 Gilford 52, No. 3 Conant 40

No. 4 Campbell 61, No. 1 Hillsboro 40

And in women’s college b-ball, most tournament play starts heating up tomorrow … and from there it just gets hotter and hotter!

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