Red Stars Prevail

The Chicago Red Stars beat the St. Louis Athletica in front of @5,000 fans at their season opener.  Lindsay Tarpley tallied the goal in the 78th minute for the Red Stars in this defensive battle.

Much as I hate the MatchTracker feature for the USWNT (only because I hate it that so few of their games are televised) … I love it that the fledgling WPS has given us this tool for tracking games in real time.  Today, if you can’t watch the Breakers on Fox Soccer Channel, you can track them here – and you can also follow Sky Blue FC vs. the Sol (at 4PM, ET).  I know I’ll be on my computer for the earlier match-up – so this is very cool!

Oh yes – and then there’s Twitter – for streaming updates.  Gotta see if I can find out who’s Tweeting today …

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2 Responses to Red Stars Prevail

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Yes, yes, yes … damn Tiffeny Milbrett!

    WPS looks to be off to a good start, don’t you think? Looking forward to the Breakers-Athletica on Saturday. Should be a good crowd unless the weather’s cold/wet/miserable (as it SO can be in April)!


  2. boltgirl says:

    *ahem* Up the Stars!


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