WPS Friday

With lots of the WPS internationals overseas for friendlies, this should be an interesting stretch for the WPS.  Here’s a quick preview from Melissa … and note, the Breakers-Red Stars game will be available for on-line viewing.  Cool!  8:30 PM ET … 😉

The English nationals are tearing up the pitch, defeating Norway 3-0 in the run-up to Euro 2009.  The Breakers’ Kelly Smith and Alex Scott played, and it’s not clear whether they’ll be back in the State sin time for tomorrow’s match in Chicago.  Either way, congratulations, guys!

Sounds like the crowds have been good for the WPS so far … and that’s with iffy weather at some venues for the early games.

It’ll be very interesting to see if the Sol can keep their win streak going without Marta on the field for them.  (Same question for the Breakers … if Kelly Smith isn’t back – although they’ve got A-Rod ready to break out with a big game!)  And I’m wondering which Carli will show up for the Red Stars tomorrow night.

Come July, the USWNT will have two matches with Team Canada … hopefully on TV!  It’ll be interesting to see how Canada’s style is evolving under their new head coach.

Meanwhile, check out the new WPS website – which will include a fantasy game for 2010.  Paula LR?  HollyCornblog?  Are you on board?? 😉

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