I Know You'll Find This Hard to Believe …

… but it’s a grey, rainy morning here in NH.  Cool, too.  So much for mowing the grass today!

At least the weather was decent for last night’s Breakers’ game.  I didn’t go, but it looks like the B’s worked hard and pressured Sky Blue (especially in the first half) … but couldn’t put the ball in the net.  The match ended in a 0-0 tie.  This is a step in the right direction (the first time the Breakers have come away with something other than a loss against the NY/NJ side).  But the tie also means the Breakers can’t clinch a playoff berth this weekend. Too bad.

As the season winds down, how about following Alex Scott on Twitter?  She’s been putting up some nice photos of her English mates as they head into Women’s Euro 2009.  Here’s a nice preview, with some highlights about players to watch.

I’ll be rooting for them as the tournament gets underway in Finland on 8/25/09.  Meanwhile, back in the States (and the WPS), I’ll be rooting for the Red Stars to top the Freedom this afternoon (4PM ET webcast) … and for FC Gold Pride to beat the Athletica (6PM ET – FSC) … just because.  Oh, and I do realize that you hadn’t asked who I was rooting for … but JordanCornblog is nothing if not shamelessly narcissistic!

The website for the England women’s team is all bollixed up at the moment … but I’ll add the link when I have a chance … and certainly before the Euros!

In WNBA action the West soundly beat the East in the All Star game.  Details at the WNBA site.  Swin Cash was the MVP … and looks like Taurasi got some minutes (and 18 points).  Here’s a nice interview with Tamicka Catchings about her career … and the ongoing connection she has with Pat Summit.  Meanwhile, giving UConn equal time, here’s a nice article about their representation in the All Star game – which looked a little like a UConn alumni game at times!

Need to mention that the Phillies took the lid off, in a 14-6 win over the Cardinals.  The Red Sox won and gained some ground back on the Yankees.

And today is Sarah P’s official last day.  Loved this Tweet about her forthcoming book … RT @Mudflats RT @shannynmoore – Palin’s book will have 900 chapters…all 140 characters each. / …and none of them will make sense. Watch Dave as he shares the Top Ten Things overheard at SP’s farewell rally

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