Soccer, for a Moment, Takes the Mind

If you go to the site of any WPS team these days you’re likely to see a counter displaying the days, hours, and minutes before opening day. We’re something like three months away, with a bit of March Madness in between, but with the days getting longer, you can definitely feel the soccer in the air!

The WPS draft took place this past Friday, and the Breakers seem to have done quite well for themselves, with two picks in the first round.  Meanwhile, as it was more or less business as usual for the Breakers, the LA Sol are going through a major shake-up … with Abner Rogers leaving as coach and the sale of the team.  Check out the comments that go along with the linked article.  Overall, it sounds like the shake-up may be good for the team and for WPS.

Anyway – back to the Breakers.  They went for Lauren Cheney first (pick number two), and then Alyssa Naeher(with the 11th pick in round one). Hopefully Cheney will give them some scoring punch up top, and Naeher, a standout in goal for the Penn State Nittany Lions, will be a great addition between the pipes.  Both Ali Lipsher and Kristin Luckenbill did good work for the Breakers in the 2009 season, but Naeher could add some heft — and certainly some strong competition — in that very important position.

Oh, and I sure hope that whatever happened between A-Rod and Tony doesn’t repeat itself in 2010!

Tobin Heath was taken with the number one pick, by the expansion Atlanta Beat. Can’t wait to see her in person when the Beat come to Boston.

Here’s the breakdown on everyone that the Breakers picked. It’ll be fun to watch BC and BU play together on the Harvard pitch!

Meanwhile, the Chicago Red Stars made a puzzling move (to my mind) when they started off draft day by trading Lindsay Tarpley to the Athletica.  Meanwhile, it looks to me like the Athletica did very well for themselves … getting Tarpley and replacing their back-up goalie (like they NEED one) with the UNC keeper, Ashlyn Harris.

In other sporting “stuff” I am very much looking forward to watching the Vikings send the Cowboys home with their tails between their legs. While rooting for the too-oft-retired Bret Favre is not exactly my favorite thing, I will do it in the service of avenging the Eagles!

And for your Sunday viewing pleasure, check out this old Monty Python bit of craziness – one of my all time favorites!  (I picked it up in Todd Civin’s interview with the Breakers’ Alex Scott (also worth a look):


Here’s a piece from the chat with Alex (a very interesting/witty woman – not to mention a wonderful player):

Civ: Give us three words in “English” that amused your US teammates.

AS: Oh my God. I really could not give you three words. I think my teammates find my whole vocabulary quite amusing. I can not think for the love of me why. Either that I speak too fast, either that I am very Cockney or they just have no clue what I am chatting about half the time. I think this last one applies to Lil (Kristine Lilly). Kelly Smith translates for Lil when it comes to my speech.

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