Various and Sundry Updates as I Wait for My Flyers Gear to Arrive!

Yup, the Phlyers are in the Stanley Cup Phinal … and Philly has Phlyers Phever … as does JordanCornblog!  I know that some readers of this blog find the sports stuff (and particularly the baseball/football … and now hockey info) slightly annoying.  I apologize … but if you’d grown up in Philadelphia, you might understand.  When a Philly team is doing well … well … it’s special in the extreme!  😉

But on to soccer news … where I see that the Red Stars have fired Emma Hayes.   Given the poor showing last year and the poor start this year … for a team that (especially last year) looked like it should have done better … I guess this isn’t surprising.  I wonder if it makes Tony nervous here in Boston!?  It has certainly crossed my mind that, particularly offensively, the Breakers aren’t performing as you’d expect … and haven’t.

In contrast (to Tony) there’s Pia!  Here’s a nice tactical analysis of the USWNT match vs. Germany on Saturday.

The United States also excelled in getting everyone involved with short, quick passes. This is obviously a mark of Coach Pia Sundhage’s game and it’s interesting to see how enthusiastically the players buy it. They didn’t try to rush play through the midfield and boot a hopeful pass out to Wambach like the Germans. Rather, they took their time, spread the ball around, waited for the right players to make the right runs and then finished.

Ahhh … sure miss Pia in Boston!

From Beeg, here’s an article about Terry Francona – “The Calmest Man in the Clubhouse” – a nice read as the Red Sox surge!

And from Nourishing Words, a post I especially liked about things you can eat in your yard!  Dandelions and Violets – who knew!  Below is some info from the post … and I’ll only add that our Westie Ruby has some additional thoughts on edible items in the yard … most of which I found to be singularly disgusting!

Violet leaves are a tonic for the body’s lymph system and are rich in vitamin C. They are a powerful blood purifier. They taste very green, not surprisingly, given their dark, dark green color. Both the leaf and flower are antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflamatory. Violet leaves have been used to treat asthma, bronchitis, headaches—the list is very long. They are chewy, but not stringy, and are somewhat nutty and spicy in flavor, a nice addition to a mixed green salad.

Dandelion leaves, especially from a young plant, remove toxins from the body. According to a report from the USDA in 1984, dandelion greens ranked among the top most nutritious vegetables. (Why do we never hear more about this?) In addition to purifying the blood, dandelion leaves are good for digestion, promote weight loss, lower serum cholesterol, prevent/lower high blood pressure and more. For a comprehensive summary of the dandelion’s health benefits as well as the related chemical compounds, check out this informative article. Dandelion leaves are bitter in taste (a taste that results from some of its healthful compounds), so it works great in a mixed salad balanced by sweeter greens.

And with that, it’s onward and into the day … have a great one!

Safe travels JBD!!

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4 Responses to Various and Sundry Updates as I Wait for My Flyers Gear to Arrive!

  1. Sounds like you’ll be serving up some weeds in your salad soon…that’s great! Although, it’s a little trickier to manage if your yard doesn’t’ offer a dog-free zone for clean picking!


  2. Stephen says:

    I still haven’t seen an apology for living in NE and supporting Philly sports teams. Ok, I’ll give you the Phillies, they are wholesome goodness. The Flyers? No pass on that one.

    I loved the letter to Dr. Laura, and I remember the scuttlebutt a few years ago when the pictures came out. The amazing thing to me with all of these holy rollers is that they don’t give a second thought to their own skeletons when they proselytize. They’re so convinced of their own rightness that their own hypocrisy escapes them completely.

    In some ways, I wish we lived in a black and white world, it would sure be easier to navigate!


  3. Alice … you are too kind. Or are you? How did the apology fall short???

    More importantly … have you seen “Babies”?


  4. Alice says:

    You call that an apology? No matter–hidden castles, poems, political analysis–and that letter to Dr. Laura–what a gem–continue to make JordanCornblog my best of the blogs.


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