Breathtakingly Beautiful Monday

This morning the air has the feel of a September morning – crystal clear and clean, with shadows and sun dapples etched in bright relief.  No confusing what’s what, as the breeze riffles the leaves and I take a deep breath – especially appreciating the fact that it’s late-July, NOT September … with weeks of summer still stretching ahead.

So what do we have today?  Best wishes to Boltgirl on her tune-up … and we look forward to the frozen peas rehab posts!  (I have fond memories of RPE using frozen peas on one knee and frozen corn on the other … during one high school soccer or basketball season .. but can’t find the photo … luckily for RPE!)

One a sad note, we mourn the passing of another friend … Steve Ryan … who succumbed to cancer Saturday evening.  I think of Steve in this moment, right now … stopping … as the sun shimmers on summer leaves.

I was also sad to read, on Saturday night, of the death of Bill Cowher’s wife Kaye at age 54 … who sounded like a very interesting, athletic, involved woman.  She was an excellent basketball player (along with her twin suster Faye) at NC State (where she met Bill … and where she played for Kay Yow) … a big proponent of Title IX, and the mother of athletes herself.  Interestingly, she and her sister Faye also were featured as a set of twins in one or another of those old Doublemint gum commercials … as well as the yogurt ad pictured here.  (I haven’t yet been able to find the one they were in …)

On a happier note, the Breakers won last night (3-1 over the Red Stars) and have moved into 3rd place in the WPS standings.  (Who’d a thunk!)  Dewd says it’s the addition of Tarpley and her play-making to the midfield.  (I don’t often argue with Dewd!)  Whatever it is, it’s nice to see Kelly Smith getting 2 goals … and an assist on the 3rd!  Here’s an interview with Kelly from Shekicks … where she talks about Lil’s phenomenal fitness and names the best players in the league “… Marta of FC Gold Pride, Formiga of Chicago Red Stars and Amy LePeilbet of the Boston Breakers.”

There’s a new magazine in town!  Breakers Alyssa Naeher, Leslie Osborne and Tiffany Weimer are all contributors to Our Game Magazine, a new women’s soccer specific publication … with Weimer being the editor, apparently!  Page through a copy here … and enjoy!

And in case you hadn’t heard … the Phillies pulled out another win over the Rockies and are moving up in the standings.  Let’s keep it up, guys!  😉

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