In case you were wondering …

… it’s DAMN cold here in NH!

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, gotta let you know that WPS has finalized its 2011 schedule … reducing the number of matches to 18 and taking a break in deference to the Women’s World Cup.  (The World Cup runs from June 26-July 17 … so you might want to pop that into your calendars now!)  The WPS teams be in action from April to August, with each team having 9 home and 9 away matches.

Here’s schedule and attendance data from 2010 … from the WPS site … Boston doing quite well, as is their habit!  Personally, I’m hoping for lots of Sunday afternoon games in 2011 … fingers crossed!

And speaking of the Breakers, I see that they have acquired Kelley O’Hara and Nikki Washington … both first round picks in previous years … and both very nice acquisitions!

Finally, the Western NY Flash are gearing up … and looking good (how can you not, with Christine Sinclair up top?!).  Too bad Abby can’t join her and play for the hometown crowd!

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