No Football Sunday!

… and I have to say it’s a bit of a relief.  Between the responsibilities of being “The Commish” and keeping up with all the twists and turns of a fantasy season, and the nail-bitten-to-the-quick stresses of being an Eagles fan, I am breathing much easier these days.

Then, reading about stabbings and road rage, owners’ greed and possible probable lockouts, and the ever-present bodily harm wreaked by the game, is really souring me on this oh-so-American pastime.

A study commissioned by the NFL in 2009 reported that former NFL players have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other memory problems 19 times more than the normal rate for men between 30 and 49. And pathologists who have examined the brains of ex-athletes have found signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a progressive neurological disease that patients get after sustaining repeated head injuries.

It would be very challenging for me to actually stop being a fan … kinda in the Cornblog blood … but ya never know.  In the meantime, I admit that I would not be too disappointed to see it all shut down in the coming year by a despicable mix of greed and stubbornness. Just how much money do people need to make? On both sides of the table?

But it’s February 13, and here comes the good sound of ash and maple hitting leather, and the thunk of leather on leather … as pitchers aces and catchers report tomorrow … and another baseball season gets underway.  The outlook for the Phillies is bright … as it is for the Red Sox.  It could be a very, very interesting Series!

And then there’s the opening of the WPS season … just about 8 weeks away!  And before that The Algarve Cup … and March Madness!

So, no wonder I can’t get anything done.

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2 Responses to No Football Sunday!

  1. OMG … just did it. Quitting my job in the morning!


  2. boltgirl says:

    Hey, if you want more reasons to not get anything done, download the FX Camera for your Droid. I’ve been having so much fun with it… and not getting much else done. Whee!


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