Monday morning sunrise

The eastern sky has gone from a deep purplish pink to October orange in the space of about 10 minutes.  Here comes the Sun!  As a new day begins I think about the drowsy morning chores being pursued in households everywhere.  What do people wake to this Monday morning?  Piles of laundry to fold?  Quizzes to cram for?  Lunches to make?  A family illness?  Do you hit the shower plagued with worry?  Filled with anticipation?  Is there new love in your life?  Loss?  Exciting change?  Despair?  Could be any of these things … and much more … in awakening households from New Hampshire to Los Angeles to DC … yes, even Dick and Dubya, Mick and Barack have some manner of everyday thoughts and feelings as their feet hit the floor.  The sun is up.  The day is coming.  How do you choose to enter it? 

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