So Beautiful It Hurts

We’ve had a couple of days, lately, where I’ve been tempted to say the above.  It’s gotten me wondering about what, exactly, that means.  Why would beauty hurt?

What I can relate to is the sensation of observed beauty expanding my heart and opening it in a way that leaves me feeling awed, tender, and vulnerable.  Is that what hurts? 

Or is it that right on the heels of the experience of beauty comes a sense of its evanescence?  We experience it and are immediately aware of the fact that it is fleeting and will be lost?

I find that the beauty of autumn is particularly bittersweet — as is the beauty of twilight.  Is it the quality of the light?  Is that what hurts?  And if we did not know from experience that winter or night time would follow, would the quality of light still feel the same?

Questions to ponder as Tuesday, October 23 unfolds!

PS  The US Women’s National Soccer Team will have a new coach in a month or so.  (Pia, Pia, Pia!!!)

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