Lake Thoughts #1

Primitive LivingI recently spent a few days “away from it all” with Willie (a shy, sweet, black lab) at a rustic cottage that my brother, sister and I share in the Helderberg Region of New York.  It’s a tradition going back quite a few years, for me to spend some days in November there.

The solitude is often refreshing — sometimes kind of scary (when my imagination runs away with me) — and always offers things for me to think about.  I thought I’d share, in the coming days, some tidbits from that time. This first entry felt particularly interesting on the morning of Thanksgiving … when “gathering” is the mot du jour!

First evening at the lake.The fire is going and Willie and I have eaten.The lake was still as a mirror as the daylight disappeared.I can still see it reflecting the lingering glow of the sky through the silhouettes of the trees.Quiet here.So quiet.

This is intimacy being here with just myself. It’s a bit of a jolt, as I slow down and take in the truth of the matter that I am alone here in the world that we all are.There is nothing wrong with that it��s just a fact – but one that surprises and somewhat frightens me, because I generally ignore it.

I am struck by a dual awareness — both the absence of others and the presence of myself.

I am here. I am always here.No matter what is going on around me.No matter where I am what cacophony surrounds me I am always here, just like this. Most of the time I just don’��t notice, as I’m caught up in the other things.

So here I am — Hi Jordy!

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