I was messing around on the web before bed last night (one of those sessions when you plan to “just check a couple of things” and end up on the computer for an hour).  In my travels I came upon a Blog called Boltgirl on the Loose that I enjoyed quite a bit … and there went my time. 

Aside from enjoyable writing, I found lots of intriguing ideas there (like brief blurbs about music, restaurants, books – all in the sidebar).  Exploring the site got me thinking about how many fascinating people there are in the world.  The woman writing Boltgirl is funny, smart, engaged, thoughtful, a great writer … and did I say funny? 

But close on the heels of these thoughts, I can feel my mind edging its way toward depression.  Nothing deep, mind you.  More the junior high school version of depression …  I don’t say the right things, don’t have the right clothes … my glasses are weird … that sort of thing.  “I’ll never measure up to Boltgirl,” I think whinily.  (Is that even a word?  If not, let’s coin it right here!)  Her blog is fast-paced and full of zingers, witty and biting.  I feel pedantic and plodding.  I write like I have a damn bun … and stiff posture … and sensible shoes.  (Okay, maybe the latter is true, but I wouldn’t know how to make a bun if my life depended on it.)  

Ugh – this is no way to start a Saturday!  How come I can’t appreciate someone else’s talents without turning it on myself like an insatiable, impossible-to-please, competitive stage mother?

Oops … did I say mother?  Aha! 

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8 Responses to Blogging

  1. Okay, deep breath here. Thanks boltgirl. I’ll enjoy your commentary on the Four Nations Tournament … not to mention on our unfolding political drama. And CB … sorry I didn’t let you know sooner about hushpuppies. (I thought I mentioned something about it back in gym 152 in 1965 … but maybe that was when I still thought they were cool.) For now (deep breaths aside) I have to get back to hyperventilating as the Pats stay just a step ahead of the Jaguars!


  2. boltgirl says:

    Sweet Jeebus, JordanCornblog! Take a breath! Gotta say, that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my blog. Just remember I rarely have any idea what the hell I’m doing–just make it up as I go along. Your writing is fine! And our brains are apparently in lockstep when it comes to politics and soccer, so I’m sticking you on my blogroll. So there.


  3. CB says:

    Hush puppies weren’t cool? Omigod, I somehow completely missed that proclamation….


  4. Penny loafers definitely were the appropriate choice back in my day, too … but my shameful secret is that I actually did think that hush puppies were cool at one point. One of the “cooler” kids in 7th grade wore them – I remember well. But by the time I got them in 8th grade, the Hush Puppy moment (if it actually ever existed) was long gone. As for your bra story … you may just have to become a guest blogger!


  5. Doris Sabler says:

    Not to get into a game of JordyCornyBlog tag, but I feel compelled to comment on your comment of my comment. For the record, “Penny Loafers” were deemed the appropriate footwear during my Junior High years, while good old mom’s shoe closet, would have sent even Imelda Marcos running out for another purchase!I eventually fought and “whinily” convinced her to get me a pair of platforms.(“lil abners” were definitly out of the question!)I will have to tell you sometime about our first “bra” debacle.Now there is a gem of a story! (she still doesn’t think I need one, and sadly, I tend to agree.)Thanks for sending me the “princess blog.” I don’t have time to check it out right now, but I will later. If I can think of any other earth shattering tidbits to share with you,I will just send them to your e-mail address.


  6. And one additional comment … another blog that a friend shared with me and said was a good one to check out. It’s called Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog and its (wonderful) tagline is: “I keep track of Condoleezza’s hairdo so you don’t have to.” I’ve had some fun checking it out (and it sure is a relief to know that I don’t need to keep track of Condie’s coif anymore).


  7. Hey Doris – Thanks you so much for your kind comments. I appreciate them a lot and will definitely keep them in mind (to help hold those insecurities in check). But I have to ask … how did you know about the hush puppies???!!! (I have a feeling we may have stumbled upon grist for a rather large support group … for folks who were forced to wear Hush Puppies in Junior High … or worse, may have even briefly thought that Hush Puppies were cool! Yikes!


  8. Doris Sabler says:

    I look forward to checking your blog(s),(website?),whatever, every morning so after reading your latest, I feel I MUST leave a comment! Lucky You! I have no clue what Boltgirl has written on her blog, I’m sure it is every bit as fascinating as you say, but you are a great writer in your own right. Why compare,and sell yourself short? I find your “random thoughts” to be very intospective and thought provoking. You allow your vunerability and sensitivity to shine through and reveal yourself in a way that tugs on the heartstrings. Humor is fine, but is often used to ignore the monkey hanging from the chandelier. I admire and appreciate how you put yourself out there.You are your own unique self and your writing expresses that,please don’t ever change your style to “fit in.” Why would you want to anyway?? Some of us LIKE stiff posture and Hushpuppies.(kidding) YOU are one of those fascinating people!–Oh, and did I mention, FUNNY?


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