New Captain for USWNT … Bravo Pia!

Coach Pia Sundhage has named Christie Rampone as the new USWNT captain.  To my mind it’s a great move.  Rampone has always impressed me with her hard-nosed, steady, consistent (and damned fast) play.  With Lil taking time off to have her first child … and the team still (I’m guessing) sorting out the fallout from the Ryan era and the Solo episode … it’s a great time for Christie to step in.  Abby may have seemed the presumptive favorite … but as one of the “team leaders” during the WWC mess, she probably has bridges to rebuild and ties to re-bind. 

Rampone is the most-capped member of the current team and I’m betting stayed out of the fray as much as possible.  Cat Whitehill seemed to be right out there lobbying for the  position in recent months – which kinda turned me off – as does my sense of her politics (based only on the tiniest bits of evidence- but I’m not shy about shamelessly and irresponsibly extrapolating).

So here’s to you, Christie!  Filling the shoes of Foudy and Overbeck won’t be easy – and that’s the kind of leadership I think this team needs to recapture.  I look forward to seeing what you (and the team) do in the coming months.  And bravo, bravo, bravo Pia! 

Pia Sundhage-Guitar

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