Tuesday Tidbits (Pre- and Post Treadmill)

So, we’ve got the Michigan Primary today, with McCain and Romney in a dead heat and Pastor Huckabee third.  I read somwhere that Romney might drop out if he doesn’t win this one, strapping his dog back on the roof of his car and heading on home to whatever state he hails from.  (After the Michigan vote, if he’s still in, I’m guessing he’ll be hailing from Massachusetts until they vote – unless there’s still time to establish residency in California or New York.)

Meanwhile in Nevada, the Dems debate tonight – apparently with Kucinich joining them.  Should be interesting to hear the ‘discussion’ of the Nevada NEA’s attempt (seen by many as backed by the Clinton campaign) to overturn a March 2007 court ruling that permitted folks to caucus during work time.  (It was okay, I guess, when Hillary was the prohibative favorite.)  Whatever their reasoning, I can’t come up with any scenario where this is easily-defended – and may provide a good opportunity to hear the new voice that Hillary found in NH.  I hope so!

I see on MSNBC that a pastor in Missouri has been arrested for soliciting sex from a male police officer posing as a 13 year old girl.  Pastors, priests … yes, please, rise to your pulpits and tell us all again what is wrong with America!  Uh, and while you’re at it, we’d love your advice on how to vote!

I love the Cluster Map feature that I picked up on when I visited Boltgirl’s site.  It updates daily and reflects a running graphic of visiters to JordanCornblog.  If any of you 9 or 10 frequent visitors wanted to share JordanCornblog with friends in Seattle or Chicago … or Moscow … their visits would be very nice additions to the map!    πŸ˜‰

And here’s a great piece from The New Yorker about the stress of campaigning and how it eventually cracks the coiffed, combed, and constantly-focus-grouped facades of the candidates …

… and now it’s post-treadmill and all I can say is YEE HAH!  It’s so good to get two days of breaking a sweat under my belt!

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