The White House Goes Green(er) and Other Tidbits

Have you been following this story?  I am so heartened to read about the White House getting more aggressive about recycling!  Who’d a thunk it?  Bush, in his final year, is really stepping up to the plate on all fronts.  I guess I had misjudged him.

Meanwhile, I and a friend had a discussion about the impact of the movie Juno last night.  While I haven’t seen it (and am not sure I want to be supporting it with my ticket $$), I’ve heard very strong reactions, both positive and negative.  It sounds like a seemingly entertaining, engaging story that packs a message straight from the religious right about issues of choice.  From what I hear, the depicton of clinic workers, etc. is gratuitously negative – while the depiction of pregnancy and childbirth is rosily romanticized.  What’s up, folks?  Sounds like we’re being entertained right out of our rights as women.  How 21st century American!

And speaking of 21st century America … here’s an interesting piece about the folks behind Facebook.  I should know better … but sometimes I’m still surprised when things are just not what they appear …

I feel SO naive. 

  • Facebook isn’t the result of undergraduate creativity and chutzpa? 
  • We’ve moved so far to the right that we don’t recognize anti-choice propaganda when it’s all over the multi-plexes? 
  • Once again, the White House is above Federal Law (not to mention best e-mail practices)?

PS:  So to prove that I wasn’t born yesterday, here’s an insight/prediction!  Before the primaries are through I predict that we’ll discover that John McCain’s trophy wife and his “Straight Talk” aren’t actually what they appear.  They are a crafty cover for the fact that on social issues he has a very wide stance and, when not out campaigning and talking straight, he is Larry Craig’s very, very good Senate buddy.  Mark my words – you heard it here first!

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2 Responses to The White House Goes Green(er) and Other Tidbits

  1. Hey PaulaLR – good to hear from you! I agree with you about Hillary at the debate. I think taking on Bush relentlessly is the way to go – rather than focusing on Obama.

    Go Pats! πŸ™‚


  2. PaulaLR says:

    Geez, I actually thought this weeks “debate” showed Hillary way above the frey. She stuck to policy and took on Bush and was very articulate and specific in her presentations.


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