Some Contests, Some Catch-Up

Well first off, the soccer news.  The USWNT beat China 1-0 (and won the Four Nations Tournament) on a 2nd half goal by Shannon Boxx – an amazing header! Way to go Boxxy!

It sounds like the team had a tough first half and got a bit of a “talking to” from Pia (who by report didn’t look happy at halftime).  She made some subs … and in the second half they were able to get it done.  BigSoccer has some play-by-play commentary by those brave souls who stayed up to watch the feed from China.  Nothing’s up on the US Soccer site about the game yet (they continue to be unreasonably slow about reporting on the women) – but here’s the quote sheet from the Finland win (while we wait).

Meanwhile, back on the Primary scene, Hillary won in Nevada with 51% to Obama’s 45% (although apparently Obama won in the delegate tally, 13 to 12 or something like that).  Edwards came away with 4%.  That leaves me wondering if his supporters broke in any particular direction, since it all sounded pretty close going in.  South Carolina now becomes a “must win” for Edwards – and it’s hard to see that happening from where I sit.

The Republican stuff just gets weirder and weirder.  McCain won in South Carolina (sure wish he had 8 years ago) while Romney did in Nevada.  Meanwhile Ron Paul and Fred Thompson moved into the top three for the first time – with Paul taking second in Nevada (McCain third) and Thompson (presumably on the strength of his accent) taking third in South Carolina (Huckabee second).  Duncan Hunter dropped out.  Who knew he was still in?  And Rudy is still lurking somewhere in the Everglades.

And on top of everything else, turnout for the GOP continues to be low (meaning that there may be ONE thing to thank Bush for).

And last but not least … will it be a Pats-Packers Superbowl?  Guess I’ll go WAY out on a limb and make that prediction.  Daring, incisive stuff here on a Sunday morning!

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2 Responses to Some Contests, Some Catch-Up

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Yo, PaulaLR – maybe Hillary should sell helmets (for cracking that ceiling)! (Or maybe someone should start a small business … hmmmm.) Anyway – here’s to a warm afternoon of good fottball (no chiminea-lighting in these here parts today)!


  2. PaulaLR says:

    I have read that if and when Edwards drops out of the race he will endorse Obama..I wish Richardson would tip his hand to Hillary. All this angst makes for an interesting political year. It all proves to me that you just cannot predict what people will do once they get into the voting booth. I bought my Hillary baseball hat and am hoping she cracks the biggest glass sealing of all. A combination ticket of 2 of the top 3-4 would be fine with me.
    I am looking forward to an afternoon of football, staying warm and watching the Patriots continue to win and Eli LOOSE!!!


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