Computer Woes

I spent a good 3 hours yesterday fruitlessly trying to get to the bottom of an e-mail glitch that continues to hinder my communication with the outside world.  Can’t figure out what started it … but it’s reminded me of other times when my technological friend has become a huge and frustrating time drain. 

Those instances are few and far between, in my experience, but frustrating as hell.  I’ve learned to not pay too much attention to the way it can shake my confidence – which used to feel REALLY bad!  Now I “frame” the inevitable insecurities, rather than globalizing them, as I have in the past.  And rather than continue to invest time in a losing battle with this problem, I’ve also learned to walk away … coming back later, (and hopefully with a clearer, less emotionally frayed) head. 

 So for now I can’t send e-mail from my home account … and have no idea why.  Tonight I’ll get it figured out.  For now it’s time to let it go.

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