Despicable? Duh!

This is just over the top enraging.  Why do we not have the will, the backbone, the integrity … to oust these despicable individuals?  I remember hours on the treadmill at my gym back in the winter of 2003, watching the run up to the war, feeling like it was all fabrication.  I remember being swayed slightly from my view when Colin Powell spoke out … thinking, “There must be something to this if HE’S saying it’s true.”

Meanwhile despicable individual #2 (or is that actually #1?) continues to speak out and monger war at one of the few places he’s sure of a warm reception … the Heritage Foundation.  He’s telling us we need to keep working together against the really, really scary evildoers (as opposed to the nicer evildoers who are “protecting” us while running this country into the ground). 

Thanks, Dick …. anything else we can do for you and your corporate cronies?  Immunity for the telecoms.  Immunity for Halliburton … and Blackwater.  Oh, and be sure to protect those pharmaceutical companies.  But please, please, please throw the book at the recipient of a benefit like Medicaid or SSDI or foodstamps who earns a little income on the side (to pay for heat, maybe) and doesn’t report it.  Despicable doesn’t begin to describe you folks. 

Human suffering intensifies, multiplies, deepens … while the safety net is dismantled piece by piece.  Pious platitudes mask hateful and divisive prejudices … and ultimately, with fear and small-mindedness dividing us, Corporate America just keeps running the show, unchecked and unimpeded.  And it is interesting, as described here, how the one candidate going up against the corporate interests is getting so little press.  Makes you wonder.

As I write I’m struck by the obvious implication that there is a hidden conspiracy of corporate interests that has taken over the offices of our government.  Conspiracy.  Hmmm … sounds suspiciously like what we hear from our government about the conspiracy of radical Islamist terrorists.  Am I spouting the same specious rhetoric that I so hate from the right? 

Bottom line, there’s no need to posit a conspiracy.  In fact, “conspiracy” actually gives too much credit to what is more likely just blind stupidity, greed, short-sightedness, lack of intellectual curiosity, narrow-mindednes, ruthlessness, etc.  Oh, and did I say greed?

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