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Sedition is theword that applies here. So timeto make the arrests.

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From my news feed…

There once was a lawyer named HogueWhose racism seemed all the vogueTil schooled by DunikoskiMade her look like a wannabeAnd curled Laura’s pedicured toes.

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What a Week It Has Been

I feel like a great weight has been lifted. Today just felt palpably different from yesterday. I have relished the simple relief of a Sunday without the worry of what Trump might do. Of course, that worry is still there … Continue reading

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Here We Are…

Since July I’ve had a writing practice that involves simply writing — about anything at all — for 5-minutes a day. The aim is to just write for 5-minutes, no more and no less. I’ve missed a few days here … Continue reading

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Nothing New Under the Sun

It’s a thought I sometimes find comforting, as with the phases of the moon rolling through each month or the return of spring each year. But more often it’s disquieting, as in the apparent fact that humankind is stubbornly incapable … Continue reading

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Transparency, Thy Name is Trump

It seems an odd way to describe the swamp creature who inhabits the White House. But he actually is very transparent. Not in the sense of being authentic or honest, but rather transparent because he is so primitive and he … Continue reading

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Toning It Down

So, some months ago I stopped looking for trouble on Twitter. (Just as an aside, wouldn’t Looking for Trouble on Twitter make a kinda cool book title?) That shift has actually been a huge relief. I hardly ever think of … Continue reading

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Easter Poop and Trump Fantasies

First the poop… Kudos to BJ for spotting this and snapping the photo. We decided it must be coyote poop. Click the image for a closer look. Maybe you can help us figure out what rodents contributed to the festive, … Continue reading

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Signs and Portents 2.0

So, I was hoping that the Mueller Report would be released on Friday, sometime between Noon and 3PM — the traditionally recognized hours of the crucifixion. But releasing it on the day of the Last Supper works as well. After … Continue reading

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A Quick Retraction

Referring back to yesterday’s post, 10-minutes a day isn’t realistic (especially since I have a hankering, going forward, to ‘Retweet Pete’ as much as possible). So, let’s just say I’m going to watch my Facebook and Twitter time, aim to … Continue reading

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