Easter Poop and Trump Fantasies

First the poop…

Kudos to BJ for spotting this and snapping the photo. We decided it must be coyote poop. Click the image for a closer look. Maybe you can help us figure out what rodents contributed to the festive, Easter shade.

Now the fantasies…

I’ve had two, in recent days. Both are focused on getting him to leave office, and both give me some satisfaction until I remember that:

  • They are fantasies;
  • Pence would step in when Trump stepped out, which is:
    • Not as abhorrent a thought as it used to be, but
    • Still pretty damn abhorrent; and
  • Trump being gone doesn’t address the issues of:
    • All the people who voted for him (some of whom actually believe he is sent by god), and
    • All the folks in the GOP who have been complicit in his degradation of systems and norms — not something easily repaired.

But I’ve never let reality interfere with a good fantasy, so here’s what I’m thinking…

Fantasy #1: Buy him out.

I’ve been struck by the way those French billionaires are stepping up and bankrolling repairs to Notre Dame. Aside from the fact that it’s a gaudy illustration of world-wide wealth inequalities, it got me thinking about what folks like Gates and Bezos and Musk might be able to do to help us get rid of Trump. Hell, let’s include George Soros in the mix, too, since he’s already the Boogie Man for Trump voters.

In my fantasy they pool their money and basically offer him a bribe to leave office and move to someplace away from the US where he’d be safe from prosecution AND could still, potentially have the adulation that he craves. I’m actually thinking that North Korea might be a good landing spot. He thinks it has lots of potential, right? So he could spend his last years living in luxury there and brokering real estate deals with his friend Kim. I really don’t care what he does, so long as he stops doing it here. And come to think of it, if his followers and enablers so-desired, I’d be in favor of allowing them to go with him.

Fantasy #2: Appeal to his vanity.

The man I like to call the orange miasma ran for President on two big promises, as I recall:

  • Build the wall, and
  • Drain the swamp.

He’s done a bang-up job on the first. So let’s see what he can do on the second — which brings me to my fantasy.

In it, Trump is offered (again, probably by rich guys, as greed seems to be a bit of a motivator for him) the opportunity to reframe his entire time in office as an audacious trap. He becomes the hero of a drama in which everything he did was aimed at attracting (and ultimately unmasking) the elements in our government that are most power-hungry and corrupt.

Guaranteed that he’ll be able to walk away, Trump turns on his lackeys and enablers, and they all are revealed as the crooks and liars that they are. Thus, the swamp is drained of the likes of Mitch and Lindsey and Sarah (and the list goes on and on and on).

The only swamp creatures to escape are Donnie and his family. Yes, I’ll let them go — not happily, but for the greater good. Everyone can see what they are, anyway. And on the whole, they seem so inept as to be nearly harmless.

So, those are my fantasies. Unlikely, I know, but I’m sticking with them until something better comes along.

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