Thursday Miscellany

  • Nothing yet on the Australia front …
  • Oh No!  I see that the Belmont High Girls Basketball team lost to Franklin High by two points – after soundly beating a top team in their class (Mascoma) on Monday.  Wonder what happened.  (This will be of absolutely no interest to people outside of Central New Hampshire – and even here, is of marginal interest to most.  It’s certainly not going to win me any points in Australia.)
  • Edwards is gone.  Giuliani is gone.  Is Romney headed out, too?  (And just how much of his kids’ inheritance is going to disappear before he stops?)
  • And then there’s Nader and his ego … please say it ain’t so! 
  • I couldn’t bear to watch the Republican debate last night … called it quits after The Daily Show.  Tonight I will hop on the bike, though, and pedal away while Obama and Clinton go at it.  Anyone know if Mike Gravel is still in?  🙂
  • Tom Brady’s ankle is just fine, thank you.  (Next year I predict it’ll be the Eagles, not the Giants, in the big game for the NFC … surprise, surprise!)  And meanwhile, baseball isn’t too far away!  Washington at Philadelphia, 3:05 p.m., Monday, March 31.  (By my calculation, March Madness won’t even be over … is this earlier than usual for the Boys of Summer to be getting started?  Go Phillies!)
  • I don’t have any Nicole Kidman news today.
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2 Responses to Thursday Miscellany

  1. Yo, Paula – NO trips to the kitchen (except for water, right?).


  2. PaulaLR says:

    love your random thoughts!! I am hoping that Hillary shows herself to be presidential! I have not heard any recent news about Nader, is it so??????????? (I hope not)
    I, too, could not bring myself to watch the republican debate. I can’s stand Romney or Huckabee..and McCain scares the shit out of me….
    Anyways, happy pedaling and no trips into the kitchen..
    Go Patriots!


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