Steve Nash Supporting Women's Professional Soccer(And Other Tidbits)

Here’s an article about how the Phoenix Suns’ star Steve Nash is supporting the new WPS in a big way.  I guess soccer is his second love and he was quite a player – as well as being a Santa Clara alum (so very familiar with high caliber women’s college soccer).  I have always liked Steve Nash a lot – his style of play, his attitude … the fact that he’s Canadian – and this just seals it for me.  Go Suns!

Following up on Friday’s “mega introduction” of goalkeepers and defenders at Pia’s February USWNT camp, here’s Karyn Lush’s preview of the new(ish) midfielders and forwards.  Read about midfielders:  Jen Buczkowski, Tina DiMartino, Lindsey Huie, Sarah Huffman, Noelle Keselica, Joanna Lohman, Manya Makoski, and Angie Woznuk … and forwards Lauren Cheney, Amy Rodriguez, Tiffany Weimer, and Christie Welsh

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