Old Style Arpanet

When I posted that table earlier today (the one I was so proud of because it listed Australia), it raised an interesting question (thanks, CB) that I had been just glossing over in my admitted obsesson with web stats. 

What is Old Style Arpanet?  I am at a loss … but have collected an even more obscure explanation here.  It’s related to the DNS (Domain Naming System) … that much I have gathered.  It seems to have some connection with the military, which makes me a little nervous.

And it is very old .. one might even say, Old Style!  Here’s a short history of the internet by Vicky Vickers (who appears to be from British Columbia – or at least was, back in 2000 when this was written).  It’s out of date, certainly, but at least gives some context for this mysterious and mystical Arpanet. 

I’m going to get back to my vacuuming and will contemplate the bits and pieces I’ve read here while I clean … and wonder whether my failure to take high school calculus is the reason this all sounds so like Greek to me!

CB … I think I can tell you with some surity that, as a vacation destinaton, Arpanet would suck!

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1 Response to Old Style Arpanet

  1. CB says:

    Perhaps, but do they have room service?


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