Oh, what a week-end

Hello, I am JordanCornblog’s sister, HollyCornblog (the one with all the good links.) I am up here in beautiful NH visiting, and having a blast. It has become a tradition during my visits to have beer tastings, but this year we decided to try chocolate tasting which was a big hit. Of course a few beers were involved too. I brought a large load of wood from NY for their chiminea which we got roaring during the snowstorm. Today we are going to the Laconia, NH “Iditarod” to watch the sled dogs race. They should have lots of good snow and we are supposed to get more today. I will be wearing all my WARM clothes. Tomorrow I will head back home to upstate NY. It will be sad leaving as we always have so much fun together. I wish we lived closer, but thank goodness for e-mail. Bye for now, and keep reading my sister’s great blogging. Hi CB!!!

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3 Responses to Oh, what a week-end

  1. PaulaLR says:

    looks like I missed a good chiminea session…chocolate, good beer..what a combination. If I were there I would bring some red wine for the chocolate tasting session. love the photo. Enjoy the day!


  2. Doris Sabler says:

    WOW,snowshoeing,beer tasting,chiminea lighting,dog sledding, chocolate sampling,……..makes one want to jump right up and drive all night to visit that fair state of New Hampshire!
    Enjoy the rest of your visit,see you soon.


  3. CB says:

    Hi Holly! Loved the post. Loved the photo. Why did you have to take New York firewood up there? Don’t they have their own trees in New Hampshire?


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