Wff 'n Proof and Other Matters

CB’s question (see comments under WWJD) has prompted some recollecting and some research on my part (as well as a spelling correction – it’s wff, not wiff). 

Anyway, the recollecting is of a brief period in late high school … very brief.  My cousin, who was a year older and the son of my mother’s brother (a conservative, hypocritical, condescending prick … but I digress), had gotten a game named Wff ‘n Proof.  My cousin was in the throes of applying to colleges and hadn’t done so well in high school (his father’s alcoholism was never discussed as a possible contributing factor … but there I go again).  Wff ‘n Proff was this game of logic, created by a Yale professor or some equally erudite dude … and it was felt that it might give a leg up to those who played it, possibly even increasing IQ’s by some rather large increment.

My mother, for reasons I don’t know and never will (she died in 1975) thought that this game would be a good idea for our family, too.  What I do know is that I was at first very excited to learn the game – and quickly found it to be an extremely frustrating, off-putting, and discouraging process.  I don’t think that anyone in either our or my cousin’s family learned the game.  The rule/instruction book was of an outrageous length (168 pages or something).  Looking back, I believe that, the Bush family legacy aside, I developed a dislike for Yale based upon this game.  Enough of that (mentioning the Bush family and my dastardly uncle in one post is a bit much for a Sunday morning). 

For Pia Sundhage fans, here’s a YouTube video of Pia in 1985 (those who speak Swedish will get quite a bit more out of this than the rest of us – but still, it’s fun to see a younger Pia) … and another of an interview with Pia (apparently from/for Swedish TV).  There are some comments by Kate Markgraf and Abby Wambach which will be understandable to non-Swedish speakers.

And of course, there are, today, the NHIAA Class M Girls’ Basketball quarterfinals up at Plymouth State University.  Will the Belmont HS girls defeat Conant?  (You bet!)  Will Epping up-end Gilford?  (Oh yeah!)  Will Mascoma prevail over Newfound?  (This pundit says yes!)  Will Hillsboro-Deering beat Campbell and keep moving toward the semi’s?  (Uh huh!)  Stay tuned for results … I am wrong @ 85% of the time! 

And will our friend PaulaLR do an awesome job officiating the Gilford-Epping game?  (Absolutely!)

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6 Responses to Wff 'n Proof and Other Matters

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  2. Thanks for stopping by, Bob. I hope you find yourself a set soon.


  3. Bob Sheridan says:

    Sorry, but I found Wiff-n-Proof easy. I wish I could find a set now days. It would be fun showing liberal prigs what constitutes real intelligence.


  4. Yeah – I agree about H-D … and we’ll work on convincing you to stay for the BHS match-up. I have a good feeling about the Raiders’ defense holding Conant to well below their usual scores. And you’re right – Belmont won the championship in ’06 (not last year) with a win over Newport. Last year Newport took it (beating Newfound). Go BHS!


  5. PaulaLR says:

    oops, maybe its not 2 years in a row…time flies….p


  6. PaulaLR says:

    I guess you can count me in your group of 17 interested people in the NHIAA girls basketball playoffs. Hanover beat Lebanon last night, my friend Carol was one of the refs. The Leb coach chattered the whole game, complaining about this and that. Mostly, because he was getting beat!! I have not seen Gilford this year but have seen Epping a few times. Perhaps #8 will prevail?? (says the impartial ref……:)) Should be a good game. One calm coach, one boisterous loud mouth….
    Hillsborough-Deering could be the sleeper of this class M…Good coaching going on there.
    Have a good sunday…I will be at Plymouth atleast for the first 2 games. Maybe convinced to stay for the Belmont matchup..Could Jerry do it 2 years in a row after many seasons of frustrations???stay tuned.


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