Viva C. Vivian!

With a win over DePaul last night, Coach C. Vivian Stringer of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights joined Jody Conradt and Pat Sumitt in the 800 wins club.  An amazing achievement in an amazing career!

I believe I and some of my basketball playing buddies are part of her record, as we likely contributed to her win tally in the early seventies.  Back in the day, my alma mater (Swarthmore College) used to play what was then Cheyney State College.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember the games outright … but it’s hard to imagine that our rag tag crew could have beaten a Cheyney team coached by C. Vivian Stringer.  Anyone else out there remember?

Anyway – what a great achievement!  The #4 Scarlet Knights are a gutsy, fun-to-watch team this year, having upset U Conn … and almost Tennessee.  Last year, their improbable and exciting run to the NCAA Tournament final was sullied by the whole Imus debacle.  But C. Vivian Stringer, in what may have been her finest hour, addressed the issue with clarity, character and class.  She and her Rutgers players transformed something debased into something at once meaningful and moving.

Enough of this … I know that many of you are waiting patiently to hear about the NHIAA Class M Tournament, too!  In the semi-finals last night, 2nd-seeded Conant defeated Newfound in an exciting contest, and moves on to the Saturday finale.  Leading by 12 points going into the 4th, they got a scare from a feisty Newfound club that came back, and even went ahead briefly, before succumbing.  In the nightcap, the 5th-seeded Campbell squad took it to #1 seed Gilford, handing them their third loss of the season.  (Gilford’s other two losses … three, if you count the holiday tournament .. were all at the hands of Belmont.)  The final will be played between Conant and Campbell on Saturday, 3/1/08 at 7 PM, up at Plymouth State University.

One last bit of NHIAA Tournament information.  It has been heartening to see, for the first time in my memory, women officiating the tournament games.  Nearly every 3-person crew that I’ve seen at these games (including the preliminaries) has included a woman.  This is great to see, on so many levels!  (So I won’t even complain about what a long, long time it’s taken to get here!)

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2 Responses to Viva C. Vivian!

  1. I hope this year is just the beginning – as far as women officials at the tournaments goes. It’s highly unlikely that I’ll make the final, though. I’ll be rooting for a good game. May it be a barnburner … and may the better team win!


  2. PaulaLR says:

    Thanks for your NHIAA tournament commentary.It was very positive the number of women doing tournament games. While I don’t want any preferential treatment, I do think I am as competent as most men officials if not better! So, I appreciated being given a chance to prove that this year.
    I can’t wait to go to the final 4 with Dewd and watch the officials thru my binocs!!
    See you saturday night at the finals if you go.


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