Super Duper Tuesday

Just how many super Tuesday’s can there be in a year? 

Anyone see Hillary on The Daily Show? I did not … but here’s an article about the entertainment quotient.  The show will be repeated tonight at 8PM.  Meanwhile the polls seem to have about the same volatility as the stock ticker these days.  Stay tuned, my friends … it sounds to me like Hillary is making a run!

Meanwhile, in the NHIAA Class M Girls’ Basketball Tournament (I know you’ve been waiting for this), a very strong, disciplined Conant squad defeated feisty Campbell by a score of 46-40.  Brooke Springfield, Conant’s freshman point, played an outstanding game, as did her teammates.  I am please to report, also, that of the teams that played the eventual champs in the tournament, the Belmont squad came closest in points, and was most successful in holding this excellent team in check.  (This is, of course, a totally unbiased observation.)  Anyway, kudos to Conant and to Campbell, too, on an excellent game and season. 

Oh yeah, and U Conn beat Rutgers, too – winning the Big East regular season title and giving Geno his 650th win.  Meanwhile St. John’s handed Notre Dame a surprise – and Syracuse is a team to watch in the NCAA Tournament, mark my words.  9We’re talking the women’s tournament here – I haven’t a clue about the men’s side.)

Moving to soccer, here’s an excellent piece by Andrea Canales about the Algarve, the USWNT, and how Pia Sundhage is prepping the team.  It’s just plain wonderful to hear about the shift in focus and the positive impact that it’s having on the players and on their performance. 

It’s my strong sense that there’s a parallel here, to our National situation … and that here in soccer, the move from Ryan to Sundhage is a taste, a microcasm, of what it will be like to move from Bush to Clinton or Obama.  It’s like sunshine after a long and harrowing storm … like spring after winter … like day after night.  (Okay, I’ll stop.)

Here’s some video footage from US Soccer of the USWNT’s first training session in Portugal, and another of an interview with Rachel Buehler, USWNT Defender, Stanford grad and future doctor.

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