Whazzup This Icy, Windy Wednesday!

Well, first off, as the record voting on the Democratic side continued, Hillary took Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island … while VT went to Obama.  Bowing to reality (admittedly an odd concession for someone who doesn’t believe in evolution, but that’s how they put it on MSNBC) Huckabee has dropped out of the Republican race.  This leaves McCain alone.  Today he’ll lunch with and then be endorsed by Bush.  (Sounds a little like waterboarding to me … )  Interesting thoughts from TPM on the race and the challenge for Obama.  There will be a lot of spin today … and meanwhile, a lot of the real fight is taking place here, according to Politico and other sources.

Meanwhile, at Municipal Stadium in Albufeira, Portugal, the Algarve Cup kicks off today.  The USWNT will be facing China (start time 8:45 AM ET).  If you like your USWNT play-by-play and comments on BigSoccer, here’s the thread!  If you like Matchtracker, you can follow the game there.  Access it via the US SOCCER website.

Here is the full Algarve Schedule.  In other actions today we’ve got (in Group A) Germany vs Denmark and Finland vs. Sweden.  The other game in Group B (the USWNT Group) is Norway vs. Italy.  In Group C, we find Iceland vs. Poland and Portugal vs. Ireland. 

No line-up has been posted yet, but here’s who I see Pia starting for this first match of the Algarve (with more experimentation vs. Italy in the second match):


What do YOU think?

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2 Responses to Whazzup This Icy, Windy Wednesday!

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Hah, CB … I’m guessing that you’re pretty psyched about Julie Foudy working with the new NY/NJ professional women’s soccer team, too!


  2. CB says:

    I think that no one can hold a candle to JordanCornblog’s coverage of the Algarve.


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