Monday Odds and Ends

The USWNT plays Norway today at the Algarve, and the game kicks off at 11AM ET.  Check it out on the USSF site (on Matchtracker) at gametime, and read the preview here, if you want some background.

Here’s an interview from Fair Game with Cat Whitehill … and another piece by Gayle Bryan about Leslie Osbourne’s bumps and bruises … and some pictures from the Fair game Blog:  First we have the USWNT vs. Italy (from Friday), then some shots of the US training for today’s Norway game over the weekend, and then some pictures of Norway working out yesterday, getting ready for their game with the USWNT! 

All 20 players on the U.S. roster have played so far in the tournament … and Pia has made all six of her allowed subs in both matches.  Denmark, Norway, and the US are the only teams at the Algarve to have not yet received a yellow card (knock wood).  And I believe that Norway is the only team to have scored more goals (7) than the US (6) … although they have also allowed more (3 … to the USWNT’s 0).

On the “odd” end of the spectrum, have you seen the rant by the Michigan women’s basketball coach, Kevin Borseth?  Even better, look at this side-by-side view of Ed Harris and Kevin Borseth freaking out.  It’s a nice, creative treatment of a weird episode.  Rampant rage sucks.  Anger is a legit emotion, and people (ALL people) need to find responsible ways to deal with it.  Given the power dynamics involved, male rage is a particular drag in my book; and there’s something about male rage in the context of women’s sports that creeps me out even more than the usual fare.

On the b-ball front, we’re in the thick of the conference championships at the moment.  Last night Tennessee eked out the final win for the SEC trophy when LSU faltered down the stretch.  Connecticut seems to be on a tear.  And what’s up with Rutgers?  They got the boot in the quarterfinals and, from what I could tell, played oddly lackluster ball for a C. Vivian Stringer team. 

Finally, while I (unsuccessfully at the moment) fight a cold, the mushers at the Iditarod are coming close to the finish, with defending champ Lance Mackey at the head of the pack (by a small margin) as they began the final leg yesterday.  The first finishers could be crossing the line as early as tomorrow (Tuesday).  As I sniffle and sneeze, it sure is hard to imagine being out there on a sled, heading for Nome!

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